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I researched about Micro ECDM in PREMA lab during master course


Quartz, glass, and polymer are very popular material using in micro-electromechanical systems (MEMS), because they have some special characteristics that metals cannot be satisfied.

In recent decades, many non-traditional machining processes have been studied for micro-machining for this kind of material, such as Abrasive Water Jet, Laser Beam Machining, Ultra Sonic Machining, etc. can be applied for the non-conducting ceramic materials. However, inherent problems of these processes are still a challenge, such as high tool wear rate, poor surface quality, and large heat effected zone (HAZ).

To overcome these limitations, micro electrochemical discharge machining (ECDM) process has been studied for fabricating the non-conducting material.

This is a journal that shows more detail about my research during master course: " Experimental investigation of ECDM for fabricating micro structure of quartz" International Journal of Precision Engineering and Manufacturing, Vol. 16, No. 1, pp, 5-12, 2015.