Max-OT method for GYM

I would like to share a professional method in GYM with you. This method is called "Max-OT" which I and some my friends have followed. We have achieved good result in improving the health, having more creative research ability, kkk. Let's read it! document or video. (Sorry, because I just have Vietnamese version for this document.)

Soft skills

Soft skill There are a lot of soft skills we need for the life

+ Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP):basic information & documents .

+ Presentation skill
+ Persuade skill
+ Team work skill
+ Communication skill
+ Time management skill
+ ...


There are some popular softwares for photographer, such as: Photoshop, Lightroom, etc. After taking some pictures by your camera, the pictures maybe not really good, so it needs to improve the quality by adjusting the exposure, contrast, clarity by software.